Club management and coaching

Club management

Our Charity number is 1185880

Proposed CIO Club Constitution July 2019 Draft CGC constitution July 2019

Updated Club constitution (adopted Nov 2016): proposed-updated-constitution-cgc-2016

We are adopting the British Gymnastics Equality Policy: BG_Equality_Policy-Final (1)

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View Minutes of our 2018 AGM (held early Jan 2019) AGM Jan 2019 minutes

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Club Committee 2019-20:

Sarah Fry                         President

Hazel Walsh                      Chairman

Lee Brock                         Treasurer

Katharine Wilson                Secretary

Vanessa Matthews             Welfare officer (squad parent)

Juliet Field                        Welfare and Safeguarding officer

Geoff Sutton                     Parent rep

Miranda Kourdi                   Students’ rep

Amanda Foulds                  Inclusion Officer


Club coaching

All our coaches are voluntary; anyone interested in joining our coaching team should email

Sarah Fry

Sarah is the Head Coach and Club President as well as holding the posts of South Regional Judging Convener and Oxfordshire County Secretary. She trained in gymnastics when younger and has run Cherwell GC for over fifteen years. She is also a very experienced National Judge, and is a Level 3 coach. Sarah coaches on Tuesdays; she is in charge of the general running of the club and is the person to and ask any questions about the club and about club kit.

Hazel Walsh

Hazel coaches the competition squads as well as senior recreational groups at the club. She trained at Cherwell GC for 10 years as a child, and has also coached in clubs in London, Ireland and Suffolk. She is an International Judge and a Level 4 coach. She coaches on Mondays and Wednesdays. She is the Chairman of Oxfordshire Gymnastics Association and Chairman of the Club, and convenes a group looking at club funding and exploring future club developments.

Juliet Field

Juliet became involved through Hazel’s interest in gymnastics and has been coaching for over 15 years. She is a Level 2 coach and is one of our Ethics and Welfare Officers, in charge of Safeguarding policy. She is the best person for you or your child to talk to if you are unhappy with anything. She coaches on Wednesdays and Thursdays. She organises the class lists and taster days.


Kate Dela

Kate was a high level gymnast for Cherwell GC and Pinewood GC and is a Level 3 coach and Regional Judge.  She coaches the competition and development squads on Mondays and Thursdays. She also coaches  a squad at another club in the county. She still competes very successfully as a veteran at national level.

Avril Pile is a Level 2 coach who has returned to coach at the club after some years’ absence. She coaches on a Thursday.

Charlotte Goodman is a Level 2 coach from York; she is studying at Oxford Brookes and coaches on a Monday.

Kristen Roche is a Level 2 coach, also studying at Oxford Brookes, who coaches on a Monday.

Paddy Waters is a Level 1 coach who coaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Claire Bray is a Level 1 coach who coaches on a Tuesday

Miriam Inall is a Level 2 equivalent coach trained in Switzerland who coaches on a Tuesday

Tim Goedemé is a parent coach who has been coaching in Belgium; he coaches on a Tuesday

Celia Jones is a Level 2 coach who coaches on a Wednesday

Hannah Jevons is a returning coach who coaches on a Wednesday

We have adult trainee coaches Nimalka Lakhani and James Connor (Tuesday), Rosa Hurtado and Laura Coates (Wednesday).

We also have young gymnasts and former gymnasts who are trainee coaches: Aileen Robinson, Clara Shea, Amelie Matthews, Rebecca Jowett, Meabh Waters-Davies, Aisling Lamond, Iliada Shehaj, Rowan Ibbotson, Connie Pooler, Miranda Kourdi, Maria Allison.

Anyone interested in joining the club as a qualified or trainee coach should contact us on We will be delighted to hear from you.