Nurturing a life-long joy in movement through teaching the physical fundamentals in a fun and social gymnastics environment.

Our Vision:

Everyone in Oxford is able to access suitable gymnastics opportunities which ignite a personal passion for physical activity and learning

Latest news and updates from the club

CGC Celebration event

An afternoon with Kelly and Frags poster download Download the poster and follow the links to learn more about Kelly and Claudia and see some of their routines. Reserve your free tickets: Cherwell GC Celebration event (

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Our older gymnasts are invited to take part in the Oxfordshire Recreational floor and vault competition. This takes place on Sunday 19th May at Carterton Gymnastics Club. Any gymnast who will be aged 8 or over by 31st December 2024 can take part. The rules

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Upcoming competitions: On Sunday 9th July there will be an Oxfordshire recreational competition for children training 3 hours or less a week of gymnastics. Not everyone likes competition- but this is a great opportunity to show off new skills and enjoy doing gymnastics in a

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Cherwell Gymnastics Club supports all the gymnasts who have come forward to call for gymnastics to be a safer and more nurturing sport. We will continue to strive for all our members to feel fulfilled, challenged, nurtured, listened to and cared for at our club. We will also advocate for change in our sport so that gymnastics is a positive experience for all.  

If you or your child does not feel that they have had this experience at our club please contact us and help us learn for the future. If you are no longer at the club you can also use our exit survey to give feedback.