Cherwell Gymnastics Club (CGC) has been offering gymnastics to children and young people in Oxfordshire for over 40 years. CGC is a charity run by a voluntary committee, committed to helping children discover a love of movement and joy in their own accomplishments. 

At present the club takes children from the age of 5, all the way through to young adulthood.  

Sadly, we are the only club in Oxford City and have a very long waiting list. Learn more about how to join the club here

How the club runs: 

Learn more about our trustees and committee members

Learn more about our fantastic team of coaches and helpers

Keeping our members safe is vital and led by our welfare and inclusion team

Check our policies and procedures 

Venue: Cherwell School, South Site, Marston Ferry Rd, OX2 7EF (Thursdays Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Pegasus Rd, OX4 6JL)

Summer term dates: Term ends on Monday 19th July.

Last classes this term are on Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th, and Thursday 15th July at Cherwell School and Mondays 12th and 19th July at The Leys Leisure Centre.

Current members, please look out for a club email soon, asking for your plans for next term, and explaining about ours.

Link to our calendar to stay up to date

Our general classes: 

All classes are reduced in time and number of participants due to COVID. 


Junior: 5-8 year olds 

Mixed: 7-12 year olds 

Senior: 10-18 year olds 


Mondays: 5-5.50pm (junior)

Tuesdays: 5.15-6.05pm (junior), 6.15-7.05pm (mixed age) and 7.10-8pm (senior) 

Wednesdays: 5-5.50pm (junior), 6-6.50pm (mixed age) and 6.55-7-.45pm (senior) 

Thursdays (BB leys): 5.50-6.40pm (mixed and senior) and 6.50-7.40pm (senior) 


£85 term fees

£10 club membership (paid once a year)

£15-19 BG membership  (paid once a year)

£2 optional for bars chalk block

Reduced fees are available for those on benefits on request as are payment spreading options. 

Payment terms and options are sent out via our members email list- sign up here

Other classes: by invitation 

Girls Development group (5-7 year olds): Mondays 5-6pm. Costs- same as general classes. 

Girls Level 6 group (7-12 year olds): Mondays 6.05-8pm. Costs- same as general classes. 

Girls Squad: Mondays 5-8pm and Thursdays (BB leys) 5.50-7.50pm. Term fees £122. 

Zoom fitness sessions: 

The current Wednesday sessions will cease on 31st March. They may continue if there is coach availability. Thanks to all who have supported and used them.

Learn more about the club by following us on social media: