CGC has a growing team of coaches and helpers. Some start as parents keen to help the club, some as gymnasts who move on to coaching and all bring a wealth of skills and experience to our sessions. All sessions are led by a coach with a level 2 or higher qualification from British Gymnastics. All other coaches hold or are working towards their coaching qualifications. Once a coach starts their level 1 qualification they undertake a DBS check and must complete a Safeguarding course. In house we provide ongoing mentoring to all our team and share best practice and learning. Most of our coaches are volunteers but we are starting to move to a mixed model with some coaches paid for their time at the club.

Here at CGC we aim for a ratio of 1 coach per 6 children or fewer for the majority of our sessions.

All classes have at least two coaches present and coaches are never alone with gymnasts unless an unplanned, emergency situation arises.

Hazel Walsh

Squad and general class coach: Lead coach Mondays and Thursdays

“I love seeing gymnasts try, and master skills they didn’t believe they could do”

Sarah Fry

General class coach: Lead coach Tuesdays

“I enjoy seeing the gymnasts’ smiles when they achieve new moves”

Carleen Betteridge

General class coach: Lead coach Wednesdays and Tuesdays

“I love helping children learn that perseverance pays off and to believe in their ability to learn skills far beyond what they originally thought they were capable of! I love seeing a gym full of energy and smiles!”

Juliet Field

General class coach: Cover coach at present

Welfare officer

Additional languages: Basic French and German

“I like working together with a gymnast to find out how best they learn and improve”

Kate Dela

Squad coach: Not coaching at present

“I like seeing the confidence of gymnasts grow as they develop their gymnastics”

Chloe Brierley

General and squad coach: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

“I find it rewarding helping and watching gymnasts achieve their goals”

Aileen Robinson

Development and group 6 coach: Mondays

“I like watching gymnasts getting a move they couldn’t before”

Paddy Waters

Squad coach: Thursdays

Meabh Waters-Davies

Squad coach: Thursdays

Claire Bray

General class coach: Tuesdays

Tim Goedemé

General class coach: Tuesdays

Additional languages: Dutch, French

“I love seeing kids grow their confidence and abilities”

Celia Jones

General class coach: Zoom session leader

“I love to see the kids flipping and twisting and balancing”

Laura Coates

General class coach: Wednesdays

“I like seeing kids learn a new skill and look proud at their new achievement”

Rebecca Jowett

General class coach: Wednesdays

Additional languages: Italian and French

“It’s nice to see a gymnast’s progression as they learn new skills”

Amelie Matthews

General class coach: Wednesdays

“I like seeing the gymnasts improve through the term”

Connie Pooler

General class coach: Tuesdays

Miranda Kourdi

General class coach: Wednesdays

“I love seeing the enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment that gymnasts have for the sport”

Ashling Lamond

Development group coach: Mondays

Nimalka Lakhani

General class coach: Tuesdays

James Connor

General class coach: Tuesdays

Tegan Knox Clarke

General class coach: Wednesdays

“I do coaching because I enjoy watching gymnasts develop and improve their skills”

Avril Pile

General class coach: Not coaching at present

Miriam Inall

General class coach: Not coaching at present

Additional languages: Swiss German, German, basic French.

“I like for all our gymnasts to train and present their routines with joy & pride as individuals and as a group and to feel excited about learning new skills and making friends”

Rosa Hurtado Nava

General class coach: Not coaching at present

Eden Bunyan

Squad coach: Not coaching at present