Our aim is for members to have fun and enjoy gymnastics within a safe, friendly and caring environment. CGC couldn’t run without parents- volunteering to bring their kids, paying fees on time, helping with equipment and supporting the committee. You can help us by taking an active role in your child’s gymnastics.

Not yet a member: Learn more about our waiting list

Supporting your child to enjoy gym at home: Our Learn at Home page is great for existing members and those on our waiting list

Keep up to date with term dates and fees: You can follow our class calendar to make sure you don’t miss a class too

Follow your child’s progress: Download our CGC progression badge system and speak to coaches about what your child is working on.

Keep your child safe and happy at gym: Please speak to your child regularly about how they are getting on at the club and visit our dedicated safeguarding page to keep up to date on how we keep the club a safe and inclusive place. Learn more about how to support your child in sport.

Buy new kit: Visit our shop to see what club merchandise is on offer

Register with British Gymnastics: All our members also need British Gymnastics membership (renewed once a year). Visit the BG website for more details

Give us feedback: If your child is leaving the club please fill out our leaver’s survey. All feedback helps us to improve how the club runs. If you are not leaving but wish to give feedback please speak to your lead coach or fill out our contact us form. 

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Club AGM:  Please join us for our club virtual AGM on Monday 24th January 8.30-9pm. The Zoom link is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84013709808, the meeting ID is 840 1370 9808.

1) Minutes of last AGM
2) Financial report
3) Chair’s report
4) Voting for committee members – nominations welcome; vacancies for Parent Rep and Inclusion Officer. For current committee see https://www.cherwellgym.co.uk/our-committee/.

CGC Terms of Membership:

Communication is key: 


  • Sign up to our members’ email list
  • Save your lead coach’s mobile number in your phone
  • Check regularly with your child that all is well with them in the class, and pass on any concerns immediately to the lead coach
  • Let us know promptly any issues with payment schedules
  • sign up to, and abide by our membership terms
  • pay fees on time and give timely notice of any problems with this so that we can agree a solution. (Concessions are available for those on benefits, and payment plans can be agreed.)



  • drop off and collect on time and notify the lead coach if delayed
  • pick up in person from the door so that coaches can make sure children are safe in the car park
  • Do not enter the school unless agreed in advance with your lead coach (equipment rota helpers, those supporting a child with additional needs)
  • bring your child suitably dressed for the class and afterwards
  • ensure your child has a water bottle and any essential medication or snack
  • make sure your child attends all classes unless prevented by illness or emergency


Please regularly make sure that your child understands;

  • they should respect others in the gym
  • bullying, teasing, name-calling, and any sort of unkindness or disrespect will be dealt with appropriately
  • they should follow their coach’s instructions



  • respect the club safety and welfare policies
  • report any concerns about welfare or safeguarding to the lead coach or welfare officer
  • remember no concern is too small- we’d rather deal with small problems early and keep all our members enjoying their sessions
  • not take up any issues with other gymnasts or parents


  • should respect others in the gym
  • should not touch other gymnasts
  • should follow their coach’s instructions, and ask if they don’t understand what to do
  • should not feel they must attempt a move which they are unhappy about, but should explain their concerns to their coach
  • should not leave the gym during the session, and should stay with their assigned group
  • if they need the toilet, should ask their coach’s permission
  • should tell their coach if they feel unwell, or are worried or unhappy about anything


  • should respect all the gymnasts they coach, and listen to their concerns
  • should understand the limitations and abilities of each gymnast, as well as of their own level of qualification, strength and ability
  • should not discriminate against any gymnast on any grounds
  • Should not interact with any gymnasts (under 18) on social media
  • Should not enter into relationships with current or ex gymnasts
  • should work collaboratively with their fellow coaches, under the direction of the lead coach
  • should bring any concerns they have in the gym to the lead coach, or to the Welfare or Safeguarding team, as appropriate