If you have concerns:

If you have an urgent concern about a child please call MASH on 0345 050 7666 during office hours (8.30am – 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 8.30am – 4pm, Friday). Outside office hours call the Emergency Duty Team on 0800 833 408. There is more information on the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board pages on reporting concerns. There is a no names service open to professionals and members of the public who can offer advice on lower level concerns.

Safeguarding and welfare at CGC

At CGC we work hard to ensure good communication so that we can deal with issues or concerns as soon as possible. If a coach or parent has concerns or ideas on welfare and safeguarding please call or message our welfare officers.

Juliet Field: 07415 728396

Vanessa Matthews: 07956 366311

Cherwell GC adopts the safeguarding policies of British Gymnastics. Scroll down to download policies and view helpful links.

Our commitment to safeguarding:

  1. CGC will always have a minimum of 1 designated welfare officer (who has undertaken safeguarding and Time to Listen training) and endeavour to have 2 welfare officers – one coach and one parent.
  2. The welfare officers will sit on the CGC committee.
  3. CGC will have an Inclusion Officer role on our committee.
  4. CGC will have a young representative role on our committee.
  5. All coaches of level 1 and above will hold a valid Safeguarding certificate and DBS check.
  6. All coaches will be encouraged to further their knowledge of safeguarding and inclusion through distribution of information and funding of courses.
  7. Our website will have an easy to find Safeguarding page with full information on procedures and links to external bodies – the NSPCC, CPSU, OSCB and BG pages.
  8. Our website will have sections for parents and for gymnasts with clear communication about behaviours and safety in the gym. These sections will be curated by parents and gymnasts to ensure information is relevant and accessible.
  9. CGC has a leaver’s exit survey so that we can learn from those leaving the club in what ways we can improve

Our procedures:

Reporting concerns:

If a coach or parent has a concern about the welfare of a gymnast or fellow coach they should speak to the lead coach of their session or directly to the club welfare officers (Juliet and Vanessa). The welfare officer will take any details and decide upon the next course of action. This may involve speaking to the parents, the no-names LCSS service, the LADO or the police depending on the level of concern.

Leaving the gym during a session:

If a gymnast needs to leave the gym to visit the toilet an older gymnast will accompany them if they are under 11. If a gymnast needs assistance due to illness a coach or helper can accompany them/check on them at the request of the lead coach.

Fire safety:

In the event of a fire alarm each coach will line up their group at the exit of the gym. The lead coach will get the register and the class will leave together out of the most suitable fire exit and congregate in the main car park. The lead coach will take the register and liaise with caretaker about safe return.


Our membership form contains an opt in or out for the club taking and sharing images. Images will only be used for club promotion or sharing progress – through our club website, twitter and facebook pages and our emails out to our members. A note will be made on registers of any members who have declined their image rights to the club. On public-facing communication no other information will be given alongside images/videos (e.g. names, ages etc.).

In loco parentis:

CGC ask that all under 18s are delivered to the care of a coach or helper at the start of each session and picked up from the gym itself at the end. If an under 18 is travelling alone or lift-sharing we ask that CGC receive this in writing so a note can be made. If a parent is late to collect we will contact them and the lead coach will wait with the child.

Covid: Handover point will be the entrance of Cherwell School South site rather than the gym

Injuries and illness:

CGC holds emergency contact details and medical information (for participants and coaches), which is accessible to coaches. Any participant with a serious medical issue will be highlighted on the register so that coaches are aware.

 At least one coach per session will hold a first aid certificate. First aid will always be available. If a child cannot safely continue a session a parent will be contacted.


Outside of sessions coaches and officials will only communicate with under 18s (young coaches) about relevant training issues and will ensure that emails include a parent and/or other adult CGC member.


Bullying will not be tolerated at CGC – whether by a participant, coach or parent. We encourage all parents to actively support and listen to their child. If there is a concern around any level of bullying please contact the lead coach of the session or, if the bullying involves that coach, the club welfare officer. If a coach is suffering from bullying we ask them to speak to one of the club welfare officers. At CGC we want to tackle issues as soon as possible, so do communicate problems swiftly to aid resolution. You can get expert advice on bullying from Kidscape charity.


Coaches will use supporting techniques to ensure gymnast safety and aid learning. This will only be to the level of their training of the coach. Where possible all supporting will be explained to the gymnast in advance. Coaches will be encouraged to ask and listen to whether a gymnast would or would not like physical support.

COVID: Supporting will be limited to ensuring the safety of gymnasts.

Open training areas:

We are not able to have a designated viewing area in our small gym. We try where possible to allow parents/grandparents to watch sessions where requested, such as when a child is first settling into a class, a family member is visiting, or a parent wishes to view progress. Where possible we ask parents to request this in advance of a session. At the Leys leisure centre there is a viewing gallery open to the public so all sessions can be observed.

COVID: Due to number restrictions the school has asked for parents not to enter the site. We will endeavour to use video to show some aspects of the sessions and in particular progress towards new skills. If a child has individual needs we will work with parents to ensure these are met and there is access to the gym where needed.

Flexibility training:

Flexibility of joints and muscles is important in higher level gymnastics and in all classes there will be some flexibility work. In this area, communication is key and CGC will make sure participants understand why they are stretching and help them learn how to control the intensity of any stretch so that they are in control themselves. We ask parents to raise any concerns and to communicate if a child feels undue discomfort either during or after stretching.

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